CASE STUDY DETAIL: Chad and N’Djamena Woodshed

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Chad and N’Djamena Woodshed

Project time



Support the formulation of a national urban and peri-urban forestry strategy and action plan for N’Djamena.

Institutional settings

FAO Project “Appui à la formulation d’une stratégie nationale et d’un plan d’actions de foresterie urbaine et périurbaine à N’Djaména, République du Tchad” TCP/CHD/3203D


10 arc-seconds (300 m pixel size) for both Rapid WISDOM Appraisal (RWA) over whole Chad, and the Detailed WISDOM analysis within N’Djamena woodshed. Chad does not dispose of land cover data

Demand features

Detailed WISDOM analysis: Demographic Census 2009 and Map of Departments; Map of villages; Project-collected data on fuelwood and charcoal consumption in N’Djamena and peri-urban areas.

Supply features

Detailed WISDOM analysis: AEDE Vegetation Map 2001 (limited to part of N'Djamena woodshed); GlobCover 2009; MODIS Percent Tree Cover; georeferenced field plot data from the Forest Inventory AEDE 2002 and from detailed local inventories 2003-4 (Villages “VERT”); Protected Areas Map; DTM 6 arc-sec; Road network.

Integration features

A preliminary supply/demand balance analysis was produced for the whole country based on the RWA. Based on the detailed WISDOM analysis, local and commercial balances were produce for the area of interest. For commercial balance, in absence of specific information, minimum resource availability thresholds of 200 and 300 kg/ha/years were assumed.

Woodshed/bio-shed analysis

N’Djamena woodshed was preliminarily defined based on the country-wide RWA, to define the territory of the in-depth study. The final N'Djamena woodshed was based on the Detailed WISDOM analysis. Distinct woodsheds were delineated, assuming different commercial threshold values. With 200 kg threshold the woodshed expands to 250 km from N'Djamena; with 300 kg threshold the woodshed expands to some 350 km.

Integration with other aspects

Not implemented


The analysis permitted the delineation of N’Djamena area of influence including urban, peri-urban and woodfuel supply zone. The latter resulted significantly larger than previously assumed (AEDE 2004). The analysis supported, from the wood energy perspective, the formulation of a national urban and periurban strategy and action plan and the preparation of an urban and peri-urban forestry programme for N'Djamena.


Drigo R. 2012. Plateforme WISDOM pour N’Djamena - Diagnostic et cartographie de l’offre et de la demande en combustibles ligneux. Document du projet “Appui à la formulation d’une stratégie nationale et d’un programme de foresterie urbaine et périurbaine pour N’Djamena, Tchad” . Coordonné et supervisé par Michelle Gauthier, Département des forêts. FAO.